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 Ready-Access® Reservation-less On-demand Conferencing

Ready-Access® is an on-demand, reservation-less audio conferencing service with Global reach. It’s ideal for ad-hoc or scheduled meetings.  It virtually instantaneously brings together colleagues, customers, partners and suppliers, at any time of day or night, to maximize time, resources and productivity for faster revenue attainment. Ready-Access® is designed to be the most reliable on-demand conferencing available. This unmatched reliability makes Ready-Access® the best choice for customers who rely heavily on conferencing services and need a provider that can accommodate rapid growth. Ready-Access leverages the Level 3 network and has an economical price point, making it a cost-effective conferencing solution for all business customers.


 Features and Benefits

  • Subscription Service: “On-demand,” “always-available” status minimizes set up time for convenient, easy-to-access conferencing
  • Online Tools: Phone keypad commands and Web Meeting application to give complete control for a dynamic conference configuration
  • Multi-level Passcodes: Maintain chairperson control and conference security
  • Multiple, Geographically-Distributed Systems with Intelligent Routing: Offers disaster protection and the ultimate in reliability. In-country bridges located in North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions.
  • Security: Enhanced, automated features implemented for additional layers of security including email notifications, secure passcodes, and Chairperson Passcode Aging
  • Web Collaboration: Share documents, data, presentations, or other applications in real-time for added meeting productivity
  • Knowledgeable Service and Support: Conference operator assistant is available 24/7; online support is also available
  • Global Origination Service (Global “800”): Global in-country access, local convenience, unmatched reliability
  • Record: Record conferences using telephone touchtone commands
  • Manage recordings: Online recording, file playback, hosting and management
  • Account Options: Configure the feature setting on Ready-Access® subscriptions; change settings as often as the customer wishes
  • Quick Start: Allows conferences to begin without requiring the Chairperson to start the meeting
  • Account Codes: Assign a numeric code (up to 20 digits) or * (star key) to a conference so charges can be billed back to specific cost centers (for easy internal cost allocation or client billing)
  • Auto Continuation: Allows all conferences to automatically continue until the last person disconnects
  • Ready-Access® Portal: View conference details, Global Origination Service numbers, download an electronic conference card, and more via this portal
  • Post-Conference Email Summaries: Notification emails can be sent after a conference has taken place – log into the Ready-Access portal for the call details

 Desktop/Mobile Solutions – XpressMeet

Regardless of the environment you’re in, or the device you’re on, accessing Ready-Access® XpressMeet is pretty easy!

  • XpressMeet Mobile: Use your Apple® iPhone/iPad, Android, or BlackBerry® to start or join a Ready-Access meeting
  • XpressMeet Desktop: Start and control Ready-Access and Web Meeting conferences right from your desktop
  • XpressMeet Calendar: Schedule and start Ready-Access® and Web Meeting conferences from Microsoft® Outlook or Google Calendar


 Event Operator-assisted Conferencing

Event call is a highly reliable, 100% operator assisted, full-service conference call that is reservations based. Event offers the highest level of formality of all audio call types, and provides several additional security options for customers. Participants can access this service by dialing in on either a toll or a toll-free number, or by being dialed out to by an operator. This call is suitable for 3 to several thousand participants. Event Call conferencing solutions enhance the effectiveness of business communications. Complex conferences are managed seamlessly so that presenters can concentrate on the content of their communications, rather than diverting valuable time and expertise managing the technology.



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Product Documents


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 Event Call Services

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